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Sarah Louise, as I know her.

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In February 1983 I was visiting friends near Aarhus. I was invited to join them, as they vere visiting a new one, who had mowed into the block. It was a young girl with a little daughter, Sarah, 11 months old.

It was the first time I saw Sarah Louise Christiansen, but it was not to be the last. The next 10 years we spent a lot of time together, because I ended up merrying Sarah's mother.

Sarah was quiet a little fireball. She was up and going all the time. Often when she was playing, she was dressing up and acting. I was working at Holckenhavn Castle near Nyborg. The present owner Christina's little sister Therese was the same age as Sarah.

Those two spend a lot of time dressing up as fine ladies or princesses. Therefore I was not at all surprised, when I saw this on the internet. I thought: "Yes, of cause. That's my Sarah!"

One of the things, that made me say of cause, was the fact, that she was really on top, when she was in front of a camera. So sweet and natural and full of life. Judging from photo shootings se still is.

This page is made as a loving tribute to a fantastic girl, who is in my thoughts every day.


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